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Mastery In Digital Marketing

6 Learning Modules

Module 1

Before entering into the field of digital marketing you must have the basic knowledge of Marketing concepts. Marketing is the process of getting the public educated on and excited about an organization’s products and services. A marketing team’s efforts in market research and consumer trends guides the strategy behind other aspects of the business and helps companies to consistently meet the needs of consumers.

The 7Ps of marketing are – product, pricing, place, promotion, physical evidence, people, and processes. The 7 Ps make up the necessary marketing mix that a business must have to advertise a product or service.

Marketing project management organizes initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closure to set clear expectations, hold individuals accountable, achieve deadlines, and influence results.Solid marketing project management can influence a happy, productive team that collaborates well, enjoys each others’ company, creates amazing work, and generates massive wins.

Market research goes hand in hand with digital marketing. Gathering consumer preferences and current market trends before promoting a brand, product, or service can help an organization save thousands of dollars as well as eliminate the risk of targeting the wrong audience. Furthermore, with the arrival of the digital era, online and mobile market research methods can now be utilized as a more cost-effective and efficient approach.

The many businesses experiencing significant success from online marketing campaigns do so because they have found the most effective digital marketing techniques, learned everything they could about them, applied them, and did not quit until they found success. We provide some of the most effective digital marketing techniques that helps you achieve your digital marketing goal.

We will assist you to Get client, Building Relationships, Personal branding, Ads, Get Digital marketing projects,  · Make a portfolio, Join a freelancing website.

Monetize every aspect of your ad inventory, automate the ad selection, and boost CPM rates. Discover new opportunities to generate better profits with our ads creation strategies.

Module 2

For today’s businesses, social media isn’t just an option – it’s an expectation. No matter the industry or company size, businesses should create and maintain at least one account on a social media platform to remain relevant and available. Learn how to use social media platform to promote your business online.

A social media audit gives you a full view of how social media is working for your business. An audit is the process of reviewing certain metrics to evaluate your current social media strategy. These metrics include information about demographics, engagement, locations, campaign performance, and more.


Social media ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with your target audience. These ads provide plenty of profitable opportunities and are a great way to boost your digital marketing campaigns.

Social media management is the process of managing your online presence. It is the process of creating, publishing, promoting, managing, and analysing content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and more.

A social media campaign is a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. Campaigns differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability.

Social media analytics involves collecting information from various social media channels and analysing that data to drive strategic business decisions. Social analytics focus on customers’ online experience and journey, factors influencing your business activity and customers’ decisions, the impact of social media marketing campaigns, and your competitive standing across social media platforms.

Learn how to monetize your social media page and start making money from it.

Module 3

Enterprises’ SEO campaigns are designed to achieve global business targets for comprehensive and complex websites (websites having 1000+ pages). Enterprise SEO is good for e–Commerce websites having multiple products or for websites providing bigger services. Learn how to develop and manage digital marketing strategy for online enterprise.

Local SEO starts with the optimization of the website by applying strategies to increase local business. The main objective is to reach local audiences. This is the best SEO strategy for small businesses and startups. A unique geographical area is targeted to obtain higher traffic in a particular region. Learn how to promote your local business on digital platforms.

E-commerce SEO is the process of improving the performance of your digital store in online search results to attract more visitors without using paid ads. An effective e-commerce SEO strategy can help your store and product pages appear at the top of a search engine result page (SERP) when potential customers search for products like yours.

International or worldwide SEO deals with offering optimised content for multiple languages or multiple locations. You will learn how to market your service or product in many countries having different languages.

Multilingual SEO is the optimization of your website or app for different languages so that users can easily find it through organic search, regardless of their location, search engine, and language.  

Multilingual SEO is important for global business since it can provide content in different languages. Through multilingual SEO services, one can ensure that their content reaches the target audience.

Web analytics focuses on collecting, measuring, and analysing data obtained from various platforms on the internet. This is done to understand user behaviour and activities across web pages.  It helps in performing comparisons against the set targets. It is beneficial to understand whether the company’s website meets the users’ requirements and expectations. This, in turn, helps make modifications based on the deviations. 

Link building is when you gain hyperlinks from other websites that will lead back to you. Oftentimes, other websites will site you as a resource or pull a quote from your content. Learn how to use Links to increase traffic and sales through Google.

Module 4

Microsoft search engine is managed by Microsoft. It offers services like maps, web, video, and images. The advertising service is known as Microsoft Ads, but it was renamed Microsoft Advertising in 2019 from Bing Ads. The rename covers the service extension of the platform. Microsoft’s ad serves on Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and Microsoft networks.

Google offers the most used search engine platform in the world. In addition to that, they have other amazing offers like software, products, drives, and more. Google’s online advertising platform is called Google Ads. The Ad offering includes third-party

Website monetization is the process of earning money from a particular website or blog by using it as an advertising platform for companies with content and offers relative to that site.

Online Advertising forms an important part of Digital Marketing and is one of the main ingredients for driving Website Revenue. There are a number of Advertising Technologies developed to help offer Ads in a more tailored manner, but Google AdSense is one of the most pervasive Advertising Platforms used by brands to maximize their returns and profit. Learn how to create google adsense account and get ads for your website.

Module 5

Graphic design is the practice of composing and arranging the visual elements of a project. Designing the layout of a magazine, creating a poster for a theatre performance, and designing packaging for a product are all examples of graphic design.

Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows you to easily create invitations, business cards, flyers, lesson plans, Zoom backgrounds, and more using professionally designed templates. 

You’ll find helpful classes where you can create and share hands-on projects, and get useful feedback from a community of creators.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based and non-linear video editing software application (NLE) developed by Adobe Inc. and published as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program. You can learn about the Premiere Pro Interface, Importing Assets, Creating the First Sequence · Adding Video Clips to the Timeline

Learn to make graphics,posters,flyers using Adobe illustrator. 

Module 6

WordPress website design and development includes branding, search engine optimization, and a focus on visitor conversions. We want to help you create a digital transformation that is focused on your customer, their experience, and how this journey delivers revenue and ROI to you and your organisation.

Using wordpress is as simple as making a school PPT. Yes! It’s true. You can lear How to create and edit WordPress Pages, Locate the Pages menu available in the WordPress dashboard, create posts, select the Add new button and many more.

A WordPress plugin is essentially a bit of code that “plugs in” to your self-hosted WordPress site. In human terms, that means a WordPress plugin is something that adds new functionality to your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your site. Learn how to use plugins to make your website more attractive and user friendly.

Want to add some additional speciality to your site? Here are 45+ best WordPress tools you can use on any type of website.

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Our Masters program is exhaustive and this certificate is proof that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain.

Differentiate yourself with a Digital Marketing Certificate

The knowledge and skills you’ve gained working on projects, case studies will set you ahead of competition.

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Talk about it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, boost your resume or frame it – tell your friends and colleagues about it.


Get Ahead with Skill Octopus Certificate

Earn your Digital Marketing Certificate

Our Masters program is exhaustive and this certificate is proof that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain.

Differentiate yourself with a Digital Marketing Certificate

The knowledge and skills you’ve gained working on projects, case studies will set you ahead of competition.

Share your achievement

Talk about it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, boost your resume or frame it – tell your friends and colleagues about it.


4 Step Learning Process

Daily Live Session will help you learn new things, challenge your mind and keep your skills sharp. Live Sessions come to life through 200 hours  live interactions with mentor. 

After completing the session our mentors is available from 11 am to 9 pm on call, video meet or Any Desk. 

After completing the each module you will get the projects of the brands associated with us like to make websites, managing their social media, running ads etc.

Skill Octopus will provide 100 % guaranteed freelance work up to 25k per month after the completion of the training as well as will get the 2 months Paid Internship in the 5th month of the training program. 

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In digital marketing industry, you get a chance to diversify your skills and pursue career in many ways. You can work as a professional, start entrepreneur journey, or offer freelance services and earn money from own websites. Know more about Careers in Digital Marketing

: Anyone who has got interest in learning the digital marketing concepts can take-up this course. Under Graduates, Graduates, Job & Career Seekers MBA Marketing & Marketing Heads Media Advertising Professionals Entrepreneurs & CEO’s Business Development Managers Freelancers, Bloggers & Web Designers.

Yes, we are offering 15 days 100 % Refund Policy if you not like the

Yes, Of course. In fact, more and more companies are looking for
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your knowledge in the growth of the organization.

All technical aspects of Digital Marketing will be taught in class. There is no prerequisite
for preliminary background technical knowledge. Students are required to have only basic
computer knowledge and English prociency, as all modes of instruction will be in English.

Yes, all study materials will be made available to the students, through various modes like the
LMS and worksheets